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Thank you so much, everyone, for your comments, emails, and Ravelry messages of support about my lost day job. It was a sad time, making it through my last week there, but now I feel I can start looking to the future. Not that I've been idle in the meantime, mind you. I had to be knitting something during all those Miss Marple episodes, after all.


I finished this design during my last week of work, so I was thinking of naming them for something related to the whole experience - "Anxiety," "Melancholia," et cetera. But then I thought, why belabor the obvious? David and I were listening to The Night Watch by Sarah Waters while I was designing these, and as I knit them they began to remind me of her character Julia Standing, on whom I nursed a bit of a crush. So I'm calling these the "Julia Socks."


The Julia of Waters's novel, living in London during and after World War II, is a semi-bohemian mystery novelist. She's feminine, but has a bit of a swagger, wears trousers, and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty (during the war she works as an assessor of bomb damage). I thought these socks mirrored her character - a little bit arch, a little bit glamorous, but slightly menswear-inflected and casual enough to wear while sitting around the flat listening to the wireless.


I worked with a new technique for this design, one I found in a Japanese stitch dictionary and with which I'm now quite enamored. I'm not sure what to call it - if you know, please tell me. The lace-looking units that form the diamond shapes are worked over three stitches: you pull (elongate) and then slip the third stitch on the left needle over the two in front of it, then work a k1tbl-yo-k1tbl over the two stitches remaining. Working groups of these units (I'm calling them "pull stitches" in the Julia pattern, but I'm open to better ideas) creates very distinct, pretty designs that are easily distinguishable even in a semi-variegated yarn like this one: Sundara Sock in colorway Peach over Pear.


And it's easy! I'm surprised it's not more widely used, but I, for one, have a few more experiments up my sleeve involving this technique.


As for the Julia pattern, it's ready for test-knitting as we speak, and I'll be releasing it in the late summer or early fall as part of my accessory line. As I'm envisioning things right now, all or almost all the patterns will be available singly, and they'll also be purchasable at a discount en masse, in e-book form. I'm not sure how many patterns will be included, but I already have three finished and two more in the works, so it should end up as a satisfying little collection. Inspired by Julia and an earlier pattern christened "Gerda" by my internet friend Homero, I've decided to name all the accessory patterns for fictional characters, who are, after all, pretty much members of my family too. Maybe I'll even hit on a few of your favorites! Stay tuned for more previews as the summer progresses.



  • very cool stitch pattern, will be on the lookout for these.

  • Oh Emily, I LOVE these! i can't wait for the pattern release! what yarn did you use? what a fab color! I'm thinking you'll say Peach over Pear and then i'll cry because I parted with mine.

  • I am in love with these socks!!! I have a skein of Smooshy in my stash and it's just decided what it wants to be.

  • These are so lovely. The stitch pattern is beautiful in an elegant manner.

    (And if you need another test knitter, I'm perfectly available.)

  • These are lovely! I love the stitch pattern - very unique.

  • Gorgeous!!

  • Lovely, lovely, lovey. I can't wait for the e-book! Rummaging through the Sundara stash to find the perfect yarn...

  • Hi,

    Please feel free to contact me if you are still looking for test knitters

  • Oh Gosh darn it, I would love to test-knit this awesomeness! And I can promise I can do a much better job than the last time I said that (ahem.) I've got lots of sock yarn and I heart socks. Beautiful!

  • Oh, these are GORgeous! Can't wait for the pattern release!

  • Love them! Need them now!

  • Can I help test knit? I'm nearly done with the socks I'm working on, and I have THE perfect color! Please? Pretty Please?

  • These are just lovely!

  • Oh, forgot to say, I would LOVE to test knit! :)!

  • Those are the coolest socks I've seen in a long while and may even get me back to sock knitting! I was thinking of you this past week, even if I didn't comment, and was outraged for you at the idiotic bankers. Enjoy your summer of knitting!

  • Ditto to the last comment. I can't believe they would close your business just when it was starting to have some success. Those are really beautiful socks.

  • These are glorious, Emily. I'm very taken with the idea of combining this technique with Meg Swansen's Arch-Shaped Stocking pattern. I can't wait until Julia is ready! I'm very sorry to read about the loss of your job, but I hope that it will create an opportunity for you to take your pattern design to the next step. I admire your work so much.

  • Just when I thought I was so jaded, I'd never see another compelling sock pattern.

  • I don't get that excited over sock patterns, but these!!!!!! wow. Love them.

  • I absolutely love those socks, and I've read everything that Sarah Waters has written. You have a crush on Julia? I have a crush on Sarah Waters!

    Can't wait to see the accessory book---can you have it out sooner? Like next week?

  • Love these socks, and am very much looking forward to the e-book! Might Harriet Vane (DL Sayers' detective/novelist heroine) or Lord Peter Wimsey put in an appearance?

  • Please notify me when the book comes out so I can buy it.

  • I am looking forward to more such posts in future. Thanks for sharing.

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