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Payment Options

There are two easy ways to pay for a pattern and get the PDF onto your computer with all due speed:

1) A regular old cash transaction. I accept PayPal and all major credit cards, so paying for any individual pattern is fast and easy. Just hit the "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" button, and follow the instructions. The pattern will automatically download as a PDF after your payment has gone through.

2) Buying stories with stories. Because this project is all about honoring the traditions of family and storytelling, you can pay for your pattern by sharing stories from your own family. This method is a little bit slower, but a lot more fun. Email me an essay or story of however many pages the pattern page specifies (between 2 and 4), and I will email you back the PDF of your choice.

If you're not already reaching for a sheet of paper or computer keyboard, here are some points you might find useful:

I want to hear whatever tales you've got. Tell me about eccentric personalities, vivid memories, family members you admire or detest, family legends passed down through generations, stories of immigration and emigration, moments of pride or disillusionment. What are the favorite yarns that always get re-told whenever your family gets together? Send them along!

Accounts of making things with family members – whether the made object be a house, a dress, a cake or a stage play – are especially welcome.

Include as much specific detail as you can bring to mind. Smells, tastes, colors, sensations: all of these things are tale gold.

Stories can be funny, sad, thoughtful, indignant, nostalgic, or whatever tone comes to you when you think of your kinfolk.

"Family" can be taken in whatever way means most to you: your biological family, adopted family, found family, created family; the long progression of ancestors leading up to you, or the new generation of descendants that will follow after.

It is fine to combine multiple anecdotes in the same three-page, but do try to include as much detail as you can.

I have no immediate plans to publish any of these stories. If I do ever seek to publish them, on the website or elsewhere, I will never do so without contacting you first and receiving your permission. In such a situation you would be credited in the manner of your choice.

That's it! I hope to hear from you soon.